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The Team


Anthony Lee

Lead Key Accounts Manager

Anthony is known for his negotiating skills. Having been in the Sales industry for many years, he has honed the art of negotiating. With no prior technical or practical knowledge about and of the Building and Construction Industry, Anthony took on the challenge and joined Termi-mesh in 2009.

Anthony had to learn about and understand termites and their behaviour, the various types of installation of the Termimesh System, building contracts, terminologies, and building operation & processes, in order for him to make presentations to Architects, Building owners, main contractors, and other building technical members.


Today, Anthony, is Termi-mesh's Lead Key Accounts Manager and he confidently meets with Architects, on specifications & details, and with the main contractor on contracts

Azhar Rahmat

Projects Manager

When Azhar joined the Termi-mesh family in 2012, he had already accumulated 13 years of practical Construction Industry Skills. However, he had to learn "from scratch" about termites and the Termimesh System right from the bottom and trained to become an accredited Termimesh Technician. He quickly learned the different Termimesh details, applications and building site operational processes of the system and soon elevated to becoming a supervisor. Today, Azhar is Termi-mesh's Projects Manager, with a diploma in Construction and Building Engineering. 

He strongly believes in a quote by the late Albert Einstein;



"Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts."

- Albert Einstein


George Tan

Trainer & QA/QC Manager

George was from the Manufacturing Sector and when he joined Termi-mesh in 2003, he had to learn from scratch about termites, the Termimesh System and building construction and it's processes. George had the opportunity to be involved in many projects over the years like Condominiums, Industrial Buildings, Airports, Commercial Complexes, Institutions, Theme Parks, etc, and gained extensive experience in the different and varied Termimesh installations, details and the coordination processes with other trades.

In 2008, George achieved level 6 in the Termimesh System Accreditation from TMA Australia In 2013, and completed the Train the Trainer Programme at ITE.


George dons the role of Trainer and QA/QC Manager proudly as he imparts the knowledge and skills accumulated over the years to the rest of our Technicians.

Our World Class Accreditation


CWM accred cert.jpg

Installers of Termi-Mesh systems on your buildings can ONLY be carried out by our accredited installers who go through our rigorous in house training and certification programme ensuring you get the Highest Quality service that we are known for and we NEVER source work out elsewhere .

Our SEVEN tier training certification requires installers to pass both Theory and Practical examinations at our impressive Singapore Termi-Mesh training facilities.

When accredited we still expect regular ongoing assessments to maintain our extremely high standards therefore creating a workforce of dedicated, talented and world class installers.

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