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Our Director's Story

"Defining Moment"

Wai Meng was an Architect in Private Practice when his home was hit with a termite infestation, and his first instinct as a trained architect was to contact a pest controller.


He did not know how or what a pest controller did or used to eradicate the termite infestation. However, it was instinctive to entrust this problem to who he thought was the best for the job.

The pest controller dutifully puffed the infested areas with a "red powder" which prompted Wai Meng to ask what this "red powder" was. 


"Say No To Poisons"

Ar. Cheng Wai Meng

To which the pest controller replied that it was "Arsenic Trioxide", and strongly advised that he should keep his 3 year old son from touching or coming close to the powder as it will kill him. Upon hearing this, Wai Meng's fatherly feelers rose as he requested for the powder to be removed immediately and the area to be cleaned.

The infestation was not solved that day, but it brought about determination, one that led Wai Meng to do all in his means to protect his family and home from termites, without the use of poison. As his journey began, He soon realised that termite infestation are not "simple problems" that can be solved easily or quickly, which led him to sell his home.

Wai Meng did not give up and soon after chanced upon Termimesh, a No Poison, Ultra Marine Grade Stainless Steel Termite Control System, and the rest is history. 

Termi-mesh Singapore has just celebrated it's 23rd Anniversary in 2020. 


Termi-mesh has, and will always heed the call to SAY NO TO POISON!

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