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When it comes to termites once they decide they want to get somewhere they dont pick and choose.
Termites can get anywhere so its vital that you have the required infrastructure to protect your building from this.
The news stories below show just how important choosing the right Termite Barrier Protection is.
At Termimesh we do it right the first time so your protected for life unlike others where you will likely need regular checks.


Shanghai CHINA

June 6th 2020

A wave of termite infestation triggered by the current sultry weather in Shanghai is unsettling residents.

As early as March, the bugs were spotted in huge numbers in old wooden buildings across the city.

That month, the city's property management authorities released a list of 54 professional termite exterminators whom residents could turn to for help.

Authorities received a call for help from a household on Yanqing Road. It was a small, old apartment built in the 1920s. It has a narrow stairway to the kitchen on the ground floor, where a storeroom teemed with termites.

"There were so many termites flying about that we took photos of them and asked the center for help,” said a resident. “We have been trying to use insecticide to eradicate them.”

The termites were feasting on the door frame, window frames and a mounting table for the electricity meter in the storeroom. Once they have chewed through those, they passed into other rooms, like a bathroom.

Even the downstairs office of the property manager needed spraying for termites.

Such a serious infestation poses risks because the secretion of termites can start a fire, he added.

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"Infested with termites and falling apart"

18 Sep 2018

For more than half a century, the SJK (C) school in Manong has been grappling with a pest problem which has caused structural damage.

Affected areas include the school assembly hall, classrooms, science laboratory and the parking lot.

The ceilings and beams had given way before, placing the safety of pupils and teachers at risk.

Due to insufficient classrooms, four classes are still being conducted in the crumbling building, to the extent that two of the classes have to be combined into one classroom.

Earlier this year, the assembly hall suffered further damage caused by heavy rain, which forced the school authorities to seal off the area.

The school also has to deal with the collapse of the fence around the premises.

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"Sentosa condo owners sue developer over alleged defects"

SEP 10, 2013

Unhappy home owners at upscale condominium The Coast at Sentosa Cove are suing over alleged defects such as termite infestations.

They are claiming the developer is responsible for a range of faults in the development's common areas.

News Story Here https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/sentosa-condo-owners-sue-developer-over-alleged-defects

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