Termite Protection Barrier System

There are many termite protection options for building projects out there, none of them are of the same quality and specifications.

You only get one opportunity to choose your termite protection barrier system, which means choosing our proven, no-kill, non-poisonous pre-construction termite barrier will be the greatest decision you can make when constructing your new building project.

The purpose of a termite management system is to prevent hidden termite entry and reduce the risk of a disastrous termite attack, so it is imperative that you select the safest option. In our opinion and many of our great clients that means Termi-Mesh Singapore.

How is Termi-Mesh Installed?

Our effective unique termite barrier system is designed to deter concealed termite access from the ground.

It is vitally important for a successful termite barrier installation to have an understanding that termites live underground and can attack buildings from the soil at any time and are generally unseen.

Our termite barrier is independently designed by our amazing architects and are installed by our highly talented engineers to block this concealed entry into your building.

A critical area requiring termite protection is around service pipes that extend through concrete slabs. Termi-flanges are fixed to these pipes and then the slab is poured, making sure that the meshing barrier is embedded into the concrete and seal protects the gap between the pipe and the surrounding concrete.

Another dangerous area to be protected is your buildings Perimeter cavity wall.

To ensure Termi-mesh provides a superior termite protection, the protection barrier is fixed to the concrete slab with our unique Termi-Mesh Termiparge adhesive and fitted along the building cavity wall. It prevents termites entering up through this area.

Installing Termi-Mesh

An impressive plan should be submitted for the installation of our proven and expertly installed termite protection barriers during construction.

The actual concept of a physical barrier is quite simple, however installation can be extremely technical and this is where we thrive.

We know that construction methods are very complex and building sizes and difficulties are common on your project.

For us to provide you with an effective termite management system our understanding of construction environments is crucial.

Our architects are highly experienced at working alongside our accredited engineers and installers giving you a sought after respected plan from start to finish.

How Does Termi-Mesh Work?

The Termi-mesh System is a stainless steel mesh physical termite barrier and will NOT include any “Poisons” as the primary protection of the building against termite infestation.

The Termi-mesh System does NOT spray poisons into the soil beneath the building slabs.

Our Termi-mesh barrier does NOT require any government department approval and therefore speeds up the installation process.

Our Termi-mesh Protection barrier is an amazing ultra marine grade TMA-725 stainless steel mesh, functioning as the long term protection barrier which will keep termites away from your building.

The Termimesh System is expertly designed by our highly skilled team of architects to stop all the hidden ways in which termites can enter your building .

The Termi-mesh protection barrier is installed at any location where the termites can gain access into your building.

Our research has shown that termite entries occur at the following places:

- Cold Joints, Control Joints and Expansion Joints

- Around  pipes that pass through the concrete slabs

-Perimiter Walls

Our World Class Accreditation Programme

Installers of Termi-Mesh systems on your buildings can ONLY be carried out by our accredited installers who go through our rigorous in house training and certification programme ensuring you get the Highest Quality service that we are known for and we NEVER source work out elsewhere .

Our SEVEN tier training certification requires installers to pass both Theory and Practical examinations at our impressive Singapore Termi-Mesh training facilities.

When accredited we still expect regular ongoing assessments to maintain our extremely high standards therefore creating a workforce of dedicated, talented and world class installers.

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