What is The Termimesh System?

The Termimesh System is a totally engineered dedicated physical barrier designed to prevent termite entry into the buildings via “hidden access”, without any “poisonous chemicals”.  The Termimesh System, comprises:

  • Termimesh – A specially designed and exclusively manufactured woven proprietary ultra marine grade TMA725 stainless steel mesh.
  • Termiparge (Bonding Cement) is the proprietary name for the bonding cement, which is made up of a combination of a Termiparge Dry with a Termiparge Wet for the purpose of a “permanent” bonding of the stainless steel mesh to the concrete substrate.
  • Stainless Steel Clamps – 100% stainless steel clamps are used to permanently bind the stainless steel mesh to the pipings.
  • Other Tools – The rest of the items that are a necessary part of the installation of the Termimesh System.

Termi-mesh Singapore will assist to design the termite control system utilising from the more than 150 published Termimesh Installation type details.

All Termimesh Systems are designed and installed by the Termimesh pool of specialists, who have been specially trained in the installation of the Termimesh System. They are accredited from Level 1 to Level 7. Depending on the complexity of the installation, the Installers with the appropriate accredited level will be mobilised.

The key to a good Termimesh Installation is quality control, including seamless co-ordination with the Main Contractor. All installations are checked, verified with Client’s representatives, endorsed by the Main Contractor’s foreman, measured, recorded on plans and photographically recorded.

The Termimesh barrier once-only installation, is expected to last the reasonable life of the structure/building.

Reasons to choose the Termimesh System

Why Choose Termimesh

The Termimesh Control System provides a highly effective, and long life physical termite barrier without the spraying of toxic chemicals.
The Termimesh Termite Control System has been researched and tested at the highest level for all the combined components in the “System”.
The Termimesh Termite Control System has a proven track record with over 400 quality installations and has been in Singapore since 1997.
Termimesh’s quality assurance systems ensure that every installation of the physical termite barrier is of the highest standard.
The Termimesh Termite Control System has been approved for effectiveness and accredited with certificates from numerous government organisations.
The Termimesh System utilizes barely 60 ml of water per meter run of installation and does not pollute any ground water and is Friends Of Water
The trust of our repeated customer is our success.

We have successfully completed a great number of building types in the last 20 years.

How Does The Termimesh System Work?

The Termimesh System is a totally engineered stainless steel mesh physical barrier and will not require or depend on any “traditional poisonous chemicals” as the primary protection of the building against subterranean termites. The Termimesh System is not applied “like chemicals” which is sprayed onto the soil beneath the building slab and under all the aprons. The Termimesh System is not time or weather restrictive and will not require any government department including NEA’s approval and as such will not impede any critical path construction activity.

The Termimesh System is primarily dependent on the proprietary ultra marine grade TMA725 stainless steel mesh, functioning as the safe and long term physical termite control to keep termites out. The Termimesh System is designed to “block” all the hidden “routes” which termites generally prefer to enter any building for the long term. The termites may then come out into the open and become visible to be dealt with.


The Termimesh barrier is installed at the locations where the termites will attempt to gain “hidden entry” into the buildings. Many surveys and extensive evidence have shown that the vast majority of termite entries occur at the following places:

a) Cold Joints, Control Joints, Expansion Joints

b) Around the pipes that pass through the slab including all cluster piping

c) Perimeter Wall Junctions


As with all basements, it is likely that the basement structures are below the water table. The Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA) has stipulated that for all high water table areas, “all Termiticides are not allowed”. However, termite colonies do thrive in the first 500mm of soil especially close to water source.

Termimesh is applicable to all soil types, protected water catchment areas, or high water table areas. With the announcement of the Singapore Green Plan 2012, The Ministry of Environment and Water Resource’s (MEWR) has legislated that 75% of the land area of Singapore has become Water Catchment Area, and the protection of Singapore’s water resources is of paramount importance.


The Termimesh System was first invented and developed in Australia in 1989 by a small business proprietor who believed that there must be a viable non-chemical option to termite control. Since then, Termimesh has been subjected to rigorous testing and assessment by many construction and testing authorities.

The System has been extensively tested throughout Australia, Hawaii and by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Throughout the testing period the Termimesh System has proven to be 100% effective. Rapid corrosion trials indicate that the proprietary ultra marine grade TMA725 stainless steel mesh will have an exceptionally long life and is likely to outlast the life of the majority of the buildings.

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Local government authorities recognise the Termimesh System as a stand-alone method of termite control. The Termimesh System has already been successfully installed in excess of one hundred thousand Australian homes, and thousands of buildings in Hawaii, Singapore and Japan. It is now being introduced in the Southeast United States and other parts of Asia, including Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Abu Dhabi, Doha, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia. The Termimesh System is a tested and proven environmental alternative to conventional spraying with pesticides.

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