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We provide the only fully Tested Mesh to Prevent Termite Infestation.

OUR FOUNDER/CEO – Cheng Wai Meng

A self-professed “Awakened Environmentalist.”

When any poisons come calling as a solution to any problem, which is too near for comfort, just ”Say No To Poison”.

Mr. Cheng is a professional architect in private practice. But in 2001, the full force of the green movement pulled him over, and he has never looked back since.

Mr. Cheng is continually looking for green no poison, organic and safe solutions for other pest control.

  1. Diploma in Architectural Draughtsmanship, Singapore Polytechnic
  2. Certificate of Architecture, RIBA Part 1, University of Plymouth, United Kingdom
  3. Bachelor of Architecture, First Class Honours, University of Western Australia, Australia
  4. Singapore Board of Architects 1097
  5. Termimesh Accreditation Level 7A

Our Story

IT ALL BEGAN when architect Cheng Wai Meng had a serious termite infestation in his house. The PCO came and began dusting the termite infested skirtings and cupboard with a “reddish powder” and informed him to restrict his son from touching the “red powder”, as “it will kill him”!! “That cannot DO!” He could not accept all the poisonous solutions, including dusting and toxic chemical injection proposed by the PCOs, especially when the termite infestation is in his son’s room.

Surely there must be a better Solution that is non-poisonous?

He chanced upon a particular product featured in the Australian Architect’s Journal that had been invented in Australia and was gaining wide support as it was a physical termite barrier, which meant it did not use poisonous chemicals and, that his family would be Safe. The product he found was the Termimesh System.

However, his request for the Termimesh system for his infested home was turned down as there were no Termimesh Service Centres in Singapore to undertake the work. So, he became “Singapore’s Termimesh Service Centre”. Also, as an architect, he felt that he could offer to the industry a cleaner and greener alternative to the traditional poisonous chemicals that were commonly used at the time. He sought comments from the then Ministry of the Environment, Environmental Health Department, on the possibility of it being used as an alternative to the traditional toxic chemical application. He provided all the available testing data and the evidence of the installations already carried out in Australia and the United States.


The Ministry of the Environment provided their no objection on 22 August 1996.

In 1998, Cheng Wai Meng obtained the Exclusive License of the Termimesh System in Singapore. Later that year, he registered the name Termi-mesh Singapore Pte Ltd.

Together with his wife, Lunar, Termi-mesh Singapore has, now in 2018, completed many installations of all types varying from bungalows to the new Changi International Airport Terminal 3 and 4 complexes, the Resorts World Universal Studios and the Marine Life Park, placing itself in the market as the best qualified choice for chemical free, stainless steel, sustainable, zero impact on the environment, termite control system.

In September 2006, Mr. Teo Kok Woon of the Cockpit Hotel Group of Companies became the new major shareholder of the company.

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